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This week, I sit down with Mark-John Clifford of ADHD! It's All Mishegoss & More, an unedited, unscripted, & refreshingly real show about living with ADHD.

Topics up for discussion this week include:

  • how he was first diagnosed with ADHD
  • why he's not a fan of "gurus" selling cures for ADHD
  • why he won't charge for his podcast, and instead offer his advice for free
  • why his podcast doesn't have a predetermined format
  • how his public speaking never leans on notes
  • how his show has evolved over the last three years
  • why he won't release episodes 7 days a week
  • how he uses his podcast as a brain dump for his thoughts
  • why motivational speakers and podcasters should be taken with a pinch of salt
  • why he loathes people who try to compartmentalize medical condition
  • why we need to follow advice that's specific to us
  • how he has one of the highest scores on the ADHD scale
  • why his pet peeve are speakers peddling the same shtick and hustle
  • how Jim Rohn gave him the best piece of advice regarding motivation
  • how his podcast is therapy for him
  • how his life took a turn for the worse and led to a prison sentence
  • how his time in prison humbled him and made him appreciate the little things in life
  • how his story is being talked about as a mini-series for TV
  • why people complaining about the Covid lockdown don't know what a real lockdown is like
  • why he'd like to make his next podcast about his time in prison and the people he met
  • how prison can give you a chance to reinvest in yourself
  • why prison doesn't define a person
  • how a car accident one September morning in 2001 saved his life

Settle back for an honest and vivid inside look into the life of someone who made mistakes, and hasn't let them define him.

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