Roman Mironov on Being Version 2.0 of Yourself


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This week, I sit down with Roman Mironov of Be Version 2.0 of Yourself, a show that helps people create amazing and enviable relationships, and be a better you.

On his podcast, Roman shares advice to and from people making a personal journey, as well as why our minds are synced the way they are, and how we can improve that.

Topics up for discussion this week include:

  • how his podcast originated as a marketing channel for him
  • why he is very specific about the type of guests he has on his show
  • why he had to skip an episode when his guest went too far off topic
  • how a communications coach gave Roman some of the best advice he's had
  • how his episode about eating one meal a day is his most popular
  • why he looks at his lifestyle as an ongoing experiment
  • why he fasts for 22 hours and eats for the two hours in-between
  • why he really wanted to move to North America, but didn't account for the severe loneliness
  • how the Covid pandemic and lockdown has made him extremely grateful
  • how personal pain helps him connect more closely with clients
  • why personal resilience is key when it comes to dealing with pain
  • why he's given up masturbation
  • why associating pleasure with pornography is so dangerous
  • why Arnold Schwarzenegger is such an inspiration to him
  • why we all have the potential to be great at what we want to do

Join me for a wide-ranging chat on life, loneliness, pain, shame, and being the best version of ourselves.

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