10 Lessons from Interviewing over 100 Conductors on Podium Time


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10 Lessons from Interviewing over 100 Conductors on Podium Time.
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After over 100 interviews with conductors on Podium Time, we have learned a lot about conducting and the life around it. Every conductor has a different story and every conductor has a different perspective. This episode of the podcast attempts to distill all that wisdom into just 10 lessons from the Podium Time Podcast.

  1. Conducting is barely about conducting. (0:49)
  2. There are a lot of paths to becoming a conductor...but actually there are only just a few. (2:59)
  3. Harmony and Structure are (possibly) the most important parts of music. (4:54)
  4. It's hard to talk about "music." (6:09)
  5. There's always more work than you think there's going to be. (7:10)
  6. Sometimes things are just out of your control. (8:00)
  7. There are SO MANY conductors in the world. (9:42)
  8. People like to give advice. (10:18)
  9. Listen again and again. (11:13)
  10. You've just got to stay in it as a conductor (13:10)

And that's it! 10 lessons from our interviews with over 100 conductors to send you off into the second half of this year. Please keep conducting, keep leading, keep studying, and keep putting great music into the world. If you're listening to this podcast then I know you're serious about becoming a better conductor. And the good news is that you're in the right place!
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