PokerNews Podcast Special Edition: Bryn Kenney Addresses Cheating Allegations


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In a special edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Sarah Herring is joined by poker's all-time money winner Bryn Kenney, who addresses recent cheating allegations leveled by Martin Zamani.

Time Stamps *Time|Topic* 00:24 | Welcome to the show 01:11 | Disclaimer: Sarah & Bryn have prior friendship 02:20 | Bryn Kenney joins the show 03:55 | What does it mean to have a stable? 06:15 | How did you choose people for your stable? How did you manage it? 11:20 | Relationship with Martin Zamani – what went wrong? 17:00 | What led to falling out with Zamani 19:10 | Horses colluding in satellites? 28:18 | Could you see Zamani’s screen? 26:43 | Why does an image of your screen show Team Viewer and Nord VPN? 28:58 | No time to coach; would connect potential students with others 29:25 | Relationship with Sergi Reixach 31:20 | Was Sergi ghosting for Zamani 34:15 | Have you ever witness Zamani, Reixach or anyone using RTA? 35:45 | What was your reaction to Reixach being banned from GGPoker? 37:02 | Getting into the Lauren Roberts stuff 42:44 | What happened with Lauren? Why the falling out? 52:00 | Horses helped start satellites but not instructed to do anything nefarious 52:23 | Relationship with GGPoker 54:20 | Have you ever ghosted on Lauren Roberts or anyone else’s account? 55:26 | Why did you leave GGPoker? 56:40 | Is it true people would be dropped down in stakes if they didn’t do what you said? 57:55 | What the hell is up with the frog poison situation? 59:20 | Was there a romantic element with Lauren Roberts? 59:53 | Why do you have Team Viewer on your laptop? 1:00:50 | Why continue to invest in Lauren if she was a losing player? 1:02:08 | Why did Lauren end up owing you money as you claim? 1:03:08 | Kenney denies ever playing on or ghosting Lauren’s account 1:04:30 | Tell us about your shaman 1:05:25 | Why continue the friendship with Lauren for so long? 1:06:11 | Can you elaborate on your relationship with GGPoker? 1:08:50 | Is there bad blood between you and Doug Polk? 1:11:20 | If you could go back what, if anything, would you do differently?

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