Roll Call #3 - The Minneapolis Morons


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Minneapolis wanted to pay “influencers?”

It’s call a PR office. This city is being run by morons (like many others)

"I would predict that this department on day one is going to look an awful lot like a police department and the Office of Violence Prevention, both as they currently exist, but reporting to the new commissioner," Fletcher said, adding that they could bring in additional divisions in the future.

They are realizing that replacing the police is harder than those BLM protesters made it sound.

BLM’s goals vs the goals of their useful idols Reform and “defund/dismantle” are very different

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Page 297

This is where our motto started

Weekly wisdom:

The Power of Popular Opinions

don’t be fooled by group-think

Look for “hierarchical deference”

Never assume someone who disagrees about a complex issue is unintelligent. There’s usually someone smarter than you who agrees with them, even if they’re wrong.


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