Vietnam’s 13th National Congress, Covid-19 and organised crime, and how extremist groups stay online


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With the 13th National Congress held by the Vietnam Communist Party which concluded on the 1st of February this year, many thought that the current state of affairs would offer another turning point, similar to those of the Doi Moi reforms. Dr. Huong Le Thu and Dr. Robert Glasser discuss the initial results of the congress, and what the future of politics looks like in Vietnam. Daria Impiombato speaks with Dr Alexandra Phelan, Deputy Director of Monash Gender, Peace and Security and Lecturer in Politics and International Relations. They discuss the terror-crime nexus in Latin America and how Covid-19 has exacerbated both organised crime and terrorism globally, and what this means for law enforcement agencies around the world. Jocelinn Kang and Fergus Ryan discuss their research into right-wing extremist groups and the online homes they have found in Russia and China. They found that websites such as The Daily Stormer, Parler and 8Chan, which have been kicked off Western platforms are using foreign internet infrastructure to stay online. Guests: Robert Glasser: Huong Le Thu: Daria Impiombato: Dr Alexandra Phelan: Fergus Ryan: Jocelinn Kang: Image: "CPV_Congress_X" via WikiMedia: Background Music: "Beside Me" by Patrick Patrikios, via the YouTube Music Library.

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