Season Finale: MY BAD


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Hari and Kamau face up to their mistakes before it's too late. And we all learn so much.
Rosa Clemente calls bullshit on Puerto Rican statehood—and gives a crash course on the Puerto Rican people’s historic struggle for self-determination.
Yasmin Benoit unpacks the basics of asexuality and shares asexual perspectives on libido, attraction, romance, and kids.
And Oren Nimni talks Cargill v. Doe and Nestle v. Doe—the Supreme Court cases about cocoa, corporate America, and child slavery we should have asked Neal Katyal about.
Plus: The disturbing revelation that Hari is in fact a "strawberry man".
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War Against All Puerto Ricans
Naomi Klein: The Battle for Paradise
Corredor Afro
The Asexual Visibility and Education Network
Just Security: Nestle/Cargill v. Doe

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