POOLIPALOOZA 2 -- "The Expat & Bolton's Stache" with LEAH DREVES (@ljdreves)and ADAM REIZNER(@adamreizner)


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POOLIPALOOZA2 continues with two #POOLIGANS OGs: Our expat living from north of the wall LEAH DREVES (@ljdreves) and John Bolton's evermorphing stache, ADAM REIZNER (@AdamReizner) are with us to chat about the last 2.5 years. Hear what a Canadian resident's experience of the Trump years entailed. Adam shares the single greatest #POOLIGANS Press Pool commitment story ever told. What do they look forward to and what do they dread as the days to the election dwindle down and what are their best-laid plans for election day? A great hour spent with two extraordinary people.

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