Pop Culture Cosmos #203- The Old Guard Is Taking Charge On Netflix, A Possible Comic-Con Future Without Marvel Or DC, And Is This The End Of The Road For XBOX live Gold?


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San Diego Comic-Con hits the internet this week with an all virtual forum for consumers, but without a major presence from Marvel or DC now and maybe in the future, could this mean trouble going forward for this iconic pop culture event? Josh and Gerald are also talking about the recent list Netflix sent out on its top 10 most popular original movies. Which one is the subscribers' favorite? And how does the hit film The Old Guard match up after just a few days out on the service? The guys are also talking about the possibility of free ad-supported streaming services becoming more popular if a backlash from spending money on all those paid channels occurs and with the announcement of no more 12-month subscriptions being available, could we be seeing the impending death of XBOX Live Gold? All this and Josh shares thoughts on his time with Ghost of Tsushima and Noah Ian Fein from Hunnicween has some as well on Paper Mario: The Origami King.

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