9: Pop Screen: Freejack (with Archaeon)


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It is the future. 2009. A CGI Anthony Hopkins wants Emilio Estevez's body, but not in a sex way. Which badass bounty hunter does he dispatch to bring Estevez for processing in the - I swear to god, this is what it's called - "lobotomizer"? Why, Mick Jagger, of course. That's the set-up for Freejack, which despite a generous budget and a skilled production team went straight to VHS in the UK. One disappointed Blockbusters patron was Archaeon, aka Prob, who joins Graham to discuss the film this week.
We assess its many bizarre creative decisions, such as the emphasis on dune buggies as a futuristic mode of transport, the outrageous cameo from Amanda Plummer, and Jagger's singularly unthreatening henchman. We also reveal which 1980s masterpiece Jagger was almost cast in, and talk about that Dutch cartoon show about the man with the very long willy. We're not quite sure how we got onto that last one, but it's in there.
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