Season 2 - Episode 19. Raz (Rob n Raz) Part 1 of 2


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Rasmus or 'Raz' Lindwall, as half of the production team Rob n Raz, scored an international hit with Leila K in the late 80s. Got to Get charted in 1989 all over Europe and the US. They both worked extensively as remixers, and on production and scratching. Their careers have included work with Papa Dee, Raz is still producing music - amongst others with Papa Dee, and as Rob'n'Raz DLC with singer Lutricia McNeal and rapper David Seisay (D-Flex). And for ZTV in Sweden, in 1993, they hosted the show Clubhopping. Today they are no longer producing as a team, but Raz has continued on his sown projects. In Part One he talks about his early DJ-ing, the DMC competitions, and the beginning of working with Leila K.

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