Season 2 - Episode 29. Dr. Alban


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Closing out Season 2 - Dr. Alban, the 7th biggest selling Swedish artist of all time, who has sold over 14 million records, and who is best known for his 90s hits, Hello Afrika, It’s my Life, and Sing Hallelujah.

In this interview, he talks about growing up in Nigeria, and what life was like in a family of 10 siblings. He also recounts his move to Sweden and the night the DJ didn’t turn up in the nightclub where he was cleaning and how that changed his life.

And of course, about Hello Afrika and arguably his greatest hit - It’s my life. And I ask him about the Swedish maestro producer, the late Denniz PoP with whom he worked, who also created the hit sound of Ace of Base and the Backstreet Boys and who sadly died in 1998.

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