Season 3 - Episode 2. D:Ream


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Two guys, Al Mackenzie - a DJ, and Peter Cunnah, with a more popular approach to music. They meet in the club that Al plays in, and start writing and recording track which would eventually be under the band name D: Ream.

Their first single 'U R the best thing' is a club hit, and their second release 'Things can only get better' reaches number 24 in the UK charts. Then Al Mackenzie left the band. But it doesn't end there. Peter works on the tracks and gets the song to the top ten of the charts in ten countries.

Even though both have a different musical focus, they have a strong connection, and eventually, Al returns to D:Ream.

This is a story of twists and turns, friendship, and above all good music.

Note; there are some problems with Peter's sound on this interview!

For their latest album Open Hearts, Open Minds go here:

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