Adolf Hipster's Haunted Hotel: Racial Slur Wikipedia, SAILOR MOON 4 LIFE, the Black Monarch Hotel, and the Queen of the Negaverse


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This week on Pop Uncultured, conversations fly off (and on) the handle at a record pace. JY, Draque, and Candy join me to create a Voltron of ADHD, where we cover everything from Jewish burial ground hotels, demonic possessions, astral projection, our personalized racial slurs, proper strip club pants, cowboy hat daggering, chocolate babka, Donald Trump capes and aprons, and the alternate episode name: "Hot N Juice". What's the N stand for? Take a wild guess, smart guy. You think you're better than me? It's because I'm Jewish isn't it? I don't take anti-Semitism lightly, so check your god damn privilege.
But wait, there's more! In the thick of all this, we chance upon a true legend in the making courtesy of my sister: SAILOR MOON 4 LIFE. Witness the epic battle as Sailor Mars takes on the axe pecks predator, Randy Orton. One is a former world heavyweight champion assisting Beryl, Queen of the Negaverse and the Dark Kingdom, and the other is a magical cartoon girl with a fiery bow and arrow used to defend YouTube from evil. Who will be victorious? There's only one way to find out...
wait until next week's episode when we actually finish that video

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