An Injection of Vitamin D for Unicole Unicron (my future spacewife): Unicole's Quest for Twins, Tinder from a woman's POV, and Billie Eilish's knee team


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This week on Pop Uncultured we commoditize my semen! It's been a long time coming, we all knew this was going to happen eventually. JY and Mike join me on a valiant quest to creampie an Amish man's orifices, and send his sweet little ass packing out California way to hand (or mouth or ass) deliver my most prized fluid: cum. If you think that just because it's highly illegal and unquestionably immoral that means we won't do it/have already done it, you've got another thing coming, buster. We're dreamers, okay? We're aiming for the Star(seed) on this one, dearest podcast description reader.
But wait, there's more! We also infiltrate the world of online dating from a broad's perspective, in an effort to inhabit the very mind and body of a ditzy tramp! We get a firsthand glimpse at the competition, and much like all three of us, it's very stiff. As you'll see in this episode, I'm very good at catphishing and if you don't think so you're just jealous probably.
We also cover Marilyn Manson's old, fat guy snafu, Hulk Hogan's giant python, Billie Eilish's awful giraffe knees, and Reddit's Instagram Reality buffoonery. Come cruise for dick on Tinder with us, and please say a prayer to the space gods for Unicole to hear my plea and accept my glowing, golden load into her magical uterus. Our twins will be radiant! And if they take after pop-pop, you can be sure that they'll be riddled with mental illness and deep-seated rage issues, and possibly an inability to trust anyone or anything. I'm Q+ don't tell my dad.

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