Dad-Libs, Ghost of Mobility Mary Part 2: Google Maps Detectives, Father 58


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This episode of Pop Uncultured is the direct continuation of last week's. The latter half of a 5 hour recording, JY, Draque and I continue our descent into Mobility Mary's inane adventures. After a brief origin story and a fireside chat about childhood theater, we are driven to near insanity by Mary's antics, and in an autistic gambit to distract ourselves, we don our Internet Detective caps again and track down every single location of Mary's videos through Google street view. Tracing the steps beat for beat, we walk (roll) a mile in Mary's shoes (motor scooter), and explore her meager bubble of existence using comedy technology and boredom.
There is also crass humor to be found, probably. Rate it on iTunes what are you on stupid pills or something? Click the five star thing, idiot.

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