Stealing Gay Valor: Dram's First Date, Tinder/OKCupid/Bumble, Renaissance Fair chat


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This week on Pop Uncultured, it finally happened. Did I go all the way? Tune in to find out, stupid. Besides that, we go straight up acoustic on this episode. I think we watch a 5 second video of Kirk Cousins almost botching his dumbass baby reveal, but there's no shortage of problematic comedy on this one. We discuss renaissance fair corsets and their dishonest display of tit meat, a new scale for rating women, the Craft starring Fairuza Balk and Neve Campbell (I hope someone googles that and finds this episode), being gay for stories/oral pleasure, death threats at the library, and even SpikeTV's magnum opus "The Joe Schmo Show". If that's not enough, JY's dog/my pussy magnet says hi to you all...the mic doesn't pick it up, but you can imagine how cute it is. This one's just another case of boys will be boys. Come along for the ride and always remember, be good gay not bad gay.
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