Know How to Protect Your Children from Toxic Metals in Baby Foods? (Pedcast)


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Photo Compliments of Pixabay Images Have you heard the news about heavy metal contamination in commercially produced baby foods in the U.S.? Stay tuned to find out how you can protect your children. Musical Intro Baby food Contamination with Heavy Metals in the News I think many Americans were shocked by the recent discovery that most infant formulas and baby foods sold in the U.S, by some of the biggest companies in the business, are contaminated above what are considered safe levels, by a variety of toxic heavy metals. Some of the contamination has its source in foods that are tainted with the metals and some of the contamination comes from the canning, processing, and storage processes. Being organic did not affect whether the metals were present. Fortunately, none of the baby formulas or baby foods had enough toxin to be harmful with a single ingestion, but repeated frequent ingestion raised that possibility. Congress is now taking an interest in this problem and the FDA is thinking of setting safe limits for metals in baby foods. What's the Nature of the Problem? We have known for hundreds of years that heavy metals like mercury and lead are toxic to the brain, especially in children as their brains are taking shape. You've probably heard the expression, "Mad as A Hatter"- that expression came about from the observation that the mercury containing chemicals that are used in making hats, frequently led to its users becoming crazy. The ancient Greeks and Romans recognized that lead was poisonous, most famously by the observation that the lead pipes that the Romans once used to line their famous aqueducts, created a powdery residue of (now known to be lead carbonate) that fouled the water and made its citizens sick. Hence, this type of lead poisoning via pipes became known as "Plumbism". And of course, we have all heard of adding arsenic to foods as a popular method of carrying out a murder. In my home state of NC, Velma Barfield was put to death for multiple murders she committed by poisoning her victims, some of which were her relatives, slowly with the sweet tasting arsenic that she added undetected to their tea and other drinks. Yes, heavy metals are very toxic, especially to babies and young children. There is no denying this fact. Their toxicity affects primarily a child's nervous system and that injury to their brains, yes, it's permanent. After early life exposure, the child has lost IQ for the rest of their life. I know, that sounds overly dramatic but it is the truth. This is why every parent needs to be informed on this issue. Whose Responsibility is it to Ensure that Babies are Protected? Whose responsibility is it to protect unborn babies and young children from being injured by heavy metals in our environment? As I said before, it is clear that these toxins are in our living space from now forward but that doesn't mean we should let babies suffer injury from them. We have to learn to live with them. In my mind, it's everyone's responsibility to minimize children's exposure; parents, manufacturers of especially food, and governmental agencies missioned to do so. Think about it, when you get on a plane, you expect that the pilots, the tower, the mechanics, and the manufacturer of the plane were responsible for the craft to be safe, We don't expect the passenger to know how to fly or repair the plane and neither should we expect parents to understand toxicology. No, we have to rely on farmers, manufacturers, and the FDA and USDA to ensure that foods our children eat are as safe as possible. And frankly, as the recent news indicates, they have all let us down. Clear standards have not been issued by the FDA. Manufacturers have played games with testing ingredients but not end products that babies actually consume. And labeling of these toxins is nonexistent. It is interesting to read the FDA's response to these revelations. A link is provided in my show notes.

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