Portland Free Thinkers Club Ep. #56: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility | Guest Show of the Week


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In this guest show of the week, Derick and Joseph break down just how much American cinema shapes our perception of the world on a global scale. They talk about heroes and villains not being absolute on the moral scale, the immense power American cinema has to influence our perception of the world on a global scale, live-streaming becoming the next iteration of "trustworthy" news, the difference between Korean culture and American culture in regards to respecting elders, and lastly, the consequences that come from a decision that was made for the "greater good." Support the show and buy us a cup of coffee, or in Joseph's case a "Shot in the Dark," by tipping us for our work at the CashApp link at the bottom of our show notes. For more info: https://www.portlandfreethinkersclub.com/show-notes .

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