PP 702: How to Get What You Want in Life and Business with Christy Whitman


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“You create your own reality… Start with your thoughts--your thoughts are either attracting things to you or repelling things from you based on the way you think.” - Christy Whitman

Achieve unimaginable success in your life and in your career! In this episode, Kim and Christy Whitman share fundamental principles and laws in life that will turn your dreams into a reality. Tune in and find out how to use your inner energy to attract opportunities so you can live the dream and see your business grow. Focus on the blessings, be positive, and always look for the good in everything- that’s how you change your trajectory in life.

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03:07 Create Your Own Reality

16:50 Everything Is Energy

22:11 Being An Empath Is Beautiful

25:35 Law Of Attraction

31:42 Law Of Sufficiency And Abundance

41:29 Shift Your Words In The Abundance Side Of The Spectrum

47:00 Be In Alignment And Create The Momentum

52:36 Get Out Of Contrast

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