Episode 122 – Andrew Cutright – Cutright Law


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Andrew Cutright is a managing member of Cutright Law located in the Suncrest Towne Centre in Morgantown, WV. His father Roger Cutright is also a member of Cutright Law, and combined they have over 30 years of experience. Andrew is a graduate of Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA and also a graduate from WVU Law School. Cutright Law specializes in contract law, as well as property and oil and gas law.

Andrew is married to Cris Cutright and has a 3 year old son named Finn.


  • 2:29 Andrew take a minute, fill in some gaps from that brief intro and give us a little behind the curtain look into your company.
  • 3:34 What is your 30 sec pitch for Cutright Law?
  • 5:09 What is it like to work with your dad?
  • 6:25 What would you say is the number one thing you’re most excited about for Cutright Law?
  • 8:26 What is the geographic market that you serve?
  • 9:50 How many employees do you have at your firm?
  • 11:05 How did you come to be in an entrepreneurial role where you’re a member of your own law firm?
  • 12:31 How long has Cutright Law been in business?
  • 13:14 What has been your best business moment so far?
  • 15:10 PWV Commercial Break
  • 15:34 What is your long term vision for Cutright Law?
  • 17:17 How do you attract new customers?
  • 18:23 What is the biggest challenge you’re facing right now?
  • 20:05 How important are platforms like Zoom and Skype to your business?
  • 21:54 What is one piece of advice that you would give to young business owners/ entrepreneurs in WV?
  • 25:38 Is there anything else you would like our listeners to know about Cutright Law or your story?
  • 26:32 How can our listeners learn more about Cutright Law and maybe even get in touch with you?
  • 27:51 Outro


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