How does a man who hates losing prepare to lose?


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As key states flip for Joe Biden, the former vice president renews calls for patience. Meanwhile inside the White House, President Trump is by turns angry and despondent. But no matter what happens next, it’s clear: Trumpism is here to stay.

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As Joe Biden overtakes President Trump in key states, national political reporter Matt Viser says the Democrat’s campaign is urging calm and patience as ballots continue to be counted.

On Thursday night, President Trump delivered an angry, despondent speech in the face of a potential defeat. White House reporter Ashley Parker on what this week has been like for a president who hates to lose.

Foreign affairs columnist Ishaan Tharoor on the legacy of Trumpism: “Trumpism exists beyond Trump,” he says, “because it wasn't always about Trump in the first place. He was a symptom of a whole series of conditions in American society and politics that led to this kind of nationalist movement.”

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