Q-tips, generators and a prayer: How to run an election


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What it’s like to run an election in a pandemic. Also, the French president’s crusade to reform Islam.

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Chris Anderson is a Florida election official. In the weeks leading up to Nov. 3, he has been trying to administer an election safely, securely and as smoothly as possible. The tools of his trade: 101,000 Q-tips from a local Dollar Tree, a phone constantly pinging with text messages, and an election supervisor’s prayer that begs, “We don’t care who wins — just don’t let it be close.”

Another gruesome terrorist attack in France has intensified anti-Muslim sentiment. Instead of fighting systemic racism, France wants to “reform Islam.”

Our colleagues at The Washington Post podcast “Can He Do That?” have spent the better part of four years reporting on the Trump presidency. They have a new series out this week about the ways that the Trump administration’s policies and rhetoric have contributed to a more sharply divided country.

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