71. IBP: Podcast Resurrected


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"How do animals think? What does it mean to be at large? What is Buddhist Magic or even Tibetan Zen? These are questions posed by the three guests to follow in a rather lovely triad of interviews and conversations for the Imperfect Buddha Podcast; each one unique and diverse, each with a European guest, each tackling a topic that has long interested me: from non-Philosophy to Freedom in our age, from seeing Tibet without the romanticism, to the role of interpretation as a fundamental facet of existence. Mysticism, Fake News, and animals all get a look in too." Taken from this intro to the new season of a resurrected podcast. To be fair, it had never really been assigned to the tomb, but rather, was resting. With three episodes being released back to back, this super short intro provides an overview of what's to come and will help you to decide what to listen to. Links The Imperfect Buddha site: https://imperfectbuddha.com O'Connell Coaching: https://imperfectbuddha.com/authors-notes Facebook: www.facebook.com/imperfectbuddha Twitter: https://twitter.com/Imperfectbuddha

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