159 - Fight Night: DeFi Tokens vs BTC Halvening, $YFI and Yearn, next 18 months of crypto


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Prices are cooling down

  • How long tho
    • Could just 2x in the next two weeks

Bitcoin mining hash rate being affected by flooding in szechuan region

  • Costs of being a tangible thing
  • Staking as intangible; costs and benefits

Stocks keep going up

  • ‘Free market’

David is extremely bullish on $YFI

  • Convince me why YFI?
  • What does it mean that Aave passed makerDAO?
  • How to play the Bull Market Right?
    • CK and David each give their take.

The next 18 months are going to be defined by

  • Capital inflows to Ethereum in order to access money-game DeFi yields
  • Capital inflows into BTC to escape from inflation

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