Top 5 ICONIC MUSIC VIDEOS! Episode 70: Spice Girls & Virtual Insanity....


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Welcome to the PowerFall Project!
We are known for our TOP 5 lists! We discuss everything from top 5 movies, athletes, cars and sometimes venture into hypothetical lists such as top 5 things we'd want for the zombie apocalypse.
A handsome, mild mannered, ex motocross, former fitness coach and media production entrepreneur...Nick Powers!

A goof ball, former athlete, coach and serial entrepreneur...Addy Drip Daddy
This week: Top 5 iconic music videos!
Last week: Top 5 screw him but also he's awesome!
Next week: Powerfall Squid Game!

Also discussed: Spice Girls, WuTang Clan, Virtual Insanity, Foo Fighters, Thong Song, Dos Eques, Scotch, Squid Game, Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler.
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