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This is a podcast for spiritual exploration and human support. You’ll find interviews with teachers & seekers who geek out on the expansion of consciousness while learning how to love and embrace the challenges of being human. You’ll find stories about the messy, and often painful waking up process… and the light found on the other side. You’ll also find regular Prayer Trips, which are affirmative journeys into the heart of remembering what is really true, and letting go of all that which is not. You won't find dogma here. And, you definitely won't find a kind of spirituality that asks you to be perfect. You will find conversations that encourage authenticity, dynamic soul-growth, and learning how to love ourselves and our world a little bit more than yesterday. You will also hear updates on our virtual community, Practical Mystics’ Playground. If you like this podcast, you might love joining us on the Playground!

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