Performance Marketing That Actually Performs with Garrett Mehrguth


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(0:41) Introducing Garrett Mehrguth and Directive

(3:29) Utilizing first-party data

(7:05) Prioritizing activation rate over acquisition cost

(13:22) Rethinking Request a Demo

(17:27) Defining your niche

(20:59) Single persona campaigns

(23:18) Being patient with your ad campaigns

(30:01) What’s next for Directive?


Derek Gerber

Garrett Mehrguth



Instead of focusing on how cheap you can get a lead, I want to figure out how cheap I can get someone from a marketing action to a sales action.” (9:37)

When you start to think through it like that, all of the sudden your campaigns start to work and you just have to really maximize, like, who am I talking to? Why do they choose us? And what’s a good enough offer that I can get them from apathy to action? But when you put that all together, then your campaigns work.” (12:53)

Most businesses aren’t so good at getting the customers they want that they have to settle for any customer.” (18:46)

I think the start of good marketing is saying exactly who you’re for as much as who you’re not for, and being confident in that.” (19:16)

So you have to really understand who’s the person you work with after they signed the contract. That is your customer.” (20:05)

I can’t make my messaging resonate with everyone. In other words, if my messaging could be for anyone, it’s for no one. And so once I have my messaging drilled down to my exact persona in my exact industry, and I know their exact pains, all of the sudden my advertising works.” (20:31)

Next thing you know, my conversion rate goes from like maybe 4, 5, 6% to like 40, 50% because my messaging, my creative, my copy, and my asset are all personified to exactly what I’m targeting.” (23:01)

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