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As women, we grow up with lots of pressure: to find a good partner, have kids while "young", be successful but not too successful, learn how to cook, be sexy & good looking but also demure, etc etc (which are all BS but that's a conversation for another day...). Now, as Latinxs, the pressure is 10x because you're now the daughter of immigrants or born in your home country with the pressure to succeed & overcome your families' struggles/limitations and it sometimes takes a lifetime of unlearning to get over these things. I talked to Mariela de la Mora, a biz & leadership coach who works with overachieving Latinxs on this week's episode. We talk about everything from growing up latinx, to working in the corporate world, dealing with racism, being a single mom & finding your purpose through dark times. Tune in and find out what Mariela's biggest life lessons have been and learn a thing or two about overcoming imposter syndrome.

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