002. How My Photography Business Almost Cost Me My Marriage


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002. Have you ever met someone briefly who told you far too much personal information far too fast?

Well, considering this is only our second episode together, that might be exactly about what’s to happen. Because, today, I’m going to tell you all about how my husband, Zach, and I ended up in marriage counseling right before our third wedding anniversary largely as a result of my photography business.

I opened my photography business as a side hustle shortly after Zach and I got married. What I wanted to be a hobby that made a little money quickly became an all-consuming second job that added stress to our marriage.

For more than two years, I filled my weekends with weddings and shoots and my evenings and every spare moment I had outside of my day job with editing and doing everything else I needed to do to run my business. During this season, I worked until 2 am most nights; I missed time with friends and family because I had shoots or weddings; Zach got used to attending things without me; and the phrase, “I can’t. I have to edit,” came out of my mouth more than anything else.

A few months before our three-year wedding anniversary, Zach was fed up. And, looking back, I don’t blame him.

After an argument that lasted so long we had to sit on the kitchen floor because we just couldn’t stand any longer, we decided marriage counseling was necessary, and I’m so glad we did, because counseling saved our marriage.

Through counseling, I discovered that work and success are idols for me. Does this sound familiar? Because, as a creative entrepreneur, there’s a good chance you battle these idols too.

I want to encourage you to battle these idols and protect your relationships (with your spouse and/or others) by:

  1. Watching for idol flare ups
  2. Setting boundaries within your business
  3. Clearly communicating your goals with your spouse, significant other, and others affected by your business
  4. Praying (or mediating) about your idols and priorities

Whether you’re married or not (Your business still affects other relationships!), please check out this episode to learn from my mistakes and to protect your relationship.

Find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at https://victoriarayburnphotography.com/how-my-photography-business-almost-cost-me-my-marriage

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