005. What It’s Like & Why It’s Hard to Be Married to a Creative Entrepreneur


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005. Photographers and creative entrepreneurs, have you ever thought about how much your business affects your spouse and other relationships?

Whether you’re full time or part time and even if your husband or wife isn’t part of your business, your business plays a big role in your spouse’s life and can take a toll on him/her.

To help us better understand (1) what it’s like for our spouses to be married to creative entrepreneurs and (2) what we can do to help them feel loved and appreciated, Zach (my husband) came on “Priority Pursuit” as the very first guest to spill the tea!

Here’s a summary of what’s discussed:

  1. How Your Business Affects Your Spouse
    1. Can result with less quality time
    2. Can cause your spouse to be nervous about money (even when you’re meeting your numbers)
    1. Be clear about your goals
    2. Set boundaries to ensure you have time together
    3. Don’t expect your spouse to want to be part of your business
  2. Advice from Zach About Getting Your Spouse on Board with Your Business
  3. How idols are at the root of every disagreement
  4. Why we don’t believe—in most cases—the term “self made”

You can find a more detailed version of this episode’s show notes at: https://victoriarayburnphotography.com/what-like-why-hard-be-marrried-creative-entrepreneur/.

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