007. How to Develop & Communicate Your Brand as a Creative Entrepreneur


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007. As a creative entrepreneur, your plate is full. Between serving your clients, marketing your business, and doing all the things you have to do behind the scenes, it can be difficult to find time to sit down and think about your brand.

But, friend, you need to. Because, your brand should be the basis of all of your marketing efforts and the driving force behind almost all of your business decisions and systems.

With this in mind, today on Priority Pursuit, I’m excited to discuss what a brand is, why your brand matters, and how to develop and communicate your brand as a creative entrepreneur with six simple strategies.

Here’s a summary of what’s discussed:

What is a brand?

As a creative entrepreneur, your brand is:

  1. How people perceive you, your business, your work, your services, and your products
  2. The gut feeling you, your business, your work, your services, and your products give your customers
  3. What comes to mind when people think about you, your business, your work, your services, and your products
Why is it important for you to develop your brand?

Taking time to define your brand is important, because according to Donald Miller, author of Building a StoryBrand, “clarity” or clear messaging is the key to both strategic marketing and making sales. And, in order to make your messaging clear, you have to determine your brand.

When you take the time to define your brand, you can decide:

  1. How you want your business to be perceived in the marketplace
  2. What comes to mind when people think about your business
  3. What problems you can solve for your customers

Then, when your brand is developed, you can (1) use it as a basis for all of your marketing efforts to create consistency—which is key in establishing a strong brand—and (2) clearly communicate how you can make your customers’ lives better or easier. This consistency and clarity will help you stand out and be remembered when prospective customers are looking for your products or services.

Basically, in order to make sales and for your marketing efforts to be effective long term, you need to develop and then communicate your brand.

Six Strategies You Can Use to Define & Communicate Your Brand as a Creative Entrepreneur
  1. Determine your brand story (I highly recommend getting a copy of Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller
  2. Establish your “why”
  3. Choose your “brand topics”
  4. Establish a specific voice
  5. Make your brand visually consistent
  6. Serve according to your band

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