014. 4 Easy Ways You Can Under Promise & Over Deliver to Your Customers


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014. Are you familiar with the concept of “under promising and over delivering”? Basically, this is a customer service strategy where you give your clients more than you initially promised to delight them and make them feel valued and well served.

I believe that under promising and over delivering is key in running a successful business of any size and crucial in offering great customer service.

With this in mind, in this episode of Priority Pursuit, we’re going to discuss four easy ways you can under promise and over deliver to your clients so you can (1) better serve your customers and (2) help your business grow!

Four Easy Ways You Can Under Promise & Over Deliver to Your Customers

  1. Deliver ahead of schedule
  2. Give your clients more than you promise
  3. Find ways to surprise your clients
  4. Respond to email & other messages as quickly as possible

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