170 | Working Hard But Not Building Wealth? You Need to Hear This! With Hilary Hendershott


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I sit down with my dear friend and the Founder of Hendershott Wealth Management, Hilary Hendershott, to discuss how important it is to be paying yourself for all the hard work you do, not just reinvesting your profits back into your business. Otherwise, your sabotaging your personal net worth, your sanity, and the future of your business because guess what? If you’re not bringing home the bacon, you’re not going to want to keep feeding the pig!

What You’ll Discover In This Episode:

✔ How To Know If You Have A Financially Dysfunctional Business

✔ Why You Should Focus On Consciously Designing Your Business

✔ The Limiting Beliefs Business Owners Have About Their Finances

✔ How To Make Your Earnings Go Further Toward Building Wealth

✔ What It Looks Like To Create Assets That Work For You

✔ So Much More!

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