5 Things Therapists Can Do Right Now to Boost SEO


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Quick! What's the first thing pops into your mind when I say, "SEO"?

Did you say "keywords"?

Keywords have become synonymous with SEO for many of us. But what exactly does that mean?

Keywords are essential to SEO, but they're not the only thing that matters. AND keywords are used differently today than they were in the past. When I created my first website, you could throw a bunch of keywords on your page, and you'd end up at the top of Google. SEO just doesn't work that way anymore.

Google and our clients have both gotten more sophisticated in online searches. So your approach to online marketing needs to become more sophisticated as well.

In this podcast, Daniel Fava, founder of CreateMyTherapistWebsite.com, explains how therapists can boost their SEO. He explains that as Google gets more sophisticated, the way to optimize our websites changes.

Daniel's a proponent of "on-page" SEO, which means SEO for specific content pages on your website. Content like articles, blog posts, videos and podcasts.

In this interview, Daniel shares:

  • Why on-page SEO has become so important
  • Which keywords psychotherapists should optimize for
  • How to track which keywords perform the best
  • How to make your website more readable
  • 5 actions you can take right now to boost your SEO

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