Bit (aka Limited Edition Pride Rainbow Assault Rifle) with Eva Nicholls


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Fear Level: Spoopy
Trigger Warnings: Gaslighting, blood, violence, references to self-harm and suicide
  • Director: Brad Michael Elmore
  • Writers: Brad Michael Elmore
  • Stars: Diana Hopper, Nicole Maines, Zolee Griggs

Topics of Discussion:
-Gender dysphoria and Hollywood
-Fuck Gender binaries
-Gorgeous nihilist psychopaths
-Duke. That's it. Duke
-She's intense.
-Characters who can step on us
-What makes a sexy Dracula
-The Sapphic Gaze
-Mental Health
-Gay best friends in refrigerators
-Call your mom
-No really, call your mom
-Call your mom is still active on your quest list
-Have you called your mom yet
-The Foot Clan
-Pink grenades
-Snipes Cast: Discussing all your favorite Wesley Snipes Sci-Fi Films of the 90s.
-Just when LA thought it was safe, Frog.
-The spin-off one shot comics we may or may not already be writing.
Black Leopard Red Wolf
Priory of the Orange Tree
Near Dark
The Lost Boys
Renegade Rule
Gryffen: Galaxy's Most Wanted
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts
What Keeps You Alive
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