Digressively Horrified 014 - Shaggy, Is That You?


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Coming this Friday 4/9/2021 we have our episode with TJ Finacey about Wes Craven's seminal masterwork and incredibly queer genre film - Scream! The episode is titled "Upsettingly Hot Murder Boyfriends" and you will know why if you watch Scream. We love this movie and you will love this podcast. Come enjoy it with us.
Next week we have something really special coming up for you! We're getting a visit from the cast/creators of the podcast "Old Gods of Appalachia" to talk about the super weird indie arthouse black and white Iranian vampire flick "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night". Pack all your new wage albums and your teenage angst, it's about to be on! See you soon!

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