Ginger Snaps (aka Uterus Pancakes) with Jay Edidin


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Fear Level: Spooky with bits of existentially disconcerting
Trigger Warnings: Frequent and bloody pet death, suicidal ideation, blood, toxic/abusive familial relationships, sexual harassment
  • Director: John Fawcette
  • Writers: Karen Walton
  • Stars: Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle

Topics of Discussion:
-Suicidal ideation and class projects
-Guidance counselors
-Does the dog die dot com (spoiler: they do, a lot)
-Ginger and Burnette
-A tale of a tail
-One incredibly powerful chest freezer
-Don't worry about your cancer, it's just a period
-Uterus Pancakes and other sex ed from distant planets
Orphan Black
Jennifer's Body
Teen Wolf
American Werewolf in Paris
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Three Ways of Looking at Blood
The Company of Wolves
The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter
30 Rock: Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
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