Horror Noire (aka Rah Digga as a nanny for white people is Galaxy Brain) with Danny Lore, Emmanuel Lipscomb, and Allie Mullin


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Fear Level: Documentary
Trigger Warnings: Historical images of lynching and racial violence, excerpts from a variety of horror films that include blood, violence, racism, and terror. They say Candyman several times in a row.
  • Director: Xavier Burgin
  • Writers: Ashlee Blackwell, Danielle Burrows
  • Based on the book by: Robin R. Means Coleman
  • Stars: Robin R.Means Coleman, Tananarive Due, Tony Todd, Keith David, Rachel True, Ken Foree, Jordan Peele, Paula Jai Parker, Loretta Devine
Covering the entire history of black people in horror films is a huge task, which Horror Noire decides to take on and it's up to the task. With an awesome format, an array of amazing black horror stars, directors, and critics, and clips from dozens of films - it's a movie you absolutely have to watch...but we're gonna describe it to you anyway!
Danny Lore, Emmanuel Lipscomb, and Allie Mullin join podcast host Jeremy Whitley to talk about all the amazing movies we've have seen, the trash fires we look forward to finding on Tubi, and the classics we've missed.
Topics of Discussion:
-Keith David's buttery smooth voice
-"Birth of a Nation" and where you can stick it.
-Sci-Fi and the things "black folks just don't do"
-Duane Jones, George Romero, and the OG zombie movie
-A man's gotta see himself
-Pam Grier, the friend you're always psyched to see at the party
-A dramatic reading of the plot of "Doctor Jekyll and Mister Black" by Danny Lore
-We crack on The Craft one last time, but not nearly as hard as we come for The Shining
-Why we ABSOLUTELY do not want a 2021 Nightmare on Elm Street reboot
-Is Def by Temptation real and do we have proof?
-Hey, Eve's Bayou was thirty years ahead of the rest of FILM.
-Bones, Crow, and Def Jam: Fight for New York
-Attack The Block, mother fuckers!
-Get Out, the horror movie so real, we just had this deep ass conversation in the middle of this whole thing
-All of our dating histories
-That time Jeremy wrote a comic where Iron Fist did Misty Knight's hair
-Dads/white boys, You don't get cookies for learning how to take care of the people you love.
-Unless you make them cookies, then you share, I guess.
Dread Nation by Justina Ireland
Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson
Nightlight - A Black Horror Podcast
The First Purge
The Queen of Bad Dreams - Danny Lore and Jordi Perez
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Come back next week to talk the Jordan Peele masterpiece of micro-aggressions, "Get Out"

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