Velvet Buzzsaw (aka Non-Fungible Terror) w/ Sam Beck


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Fear Level: Existentially disconcerting
Trigger Warnings: Gaslighting, dismemberment, blood, frightening imagery, pretentious assholes

  • Director/Writers: Dan Gilroy (Writer: Freejack, Kong Skull Island, Real Steel, Bourne Legacy and director of Roman J Israel and Nightcrawler)
  • Stars: Jake Gyllanhal, Renee Russo, Toni Colette, Zawe Ashton, John Malkovich, Daveed Diggs, Tom Sturridge, Natalia Dyer

This week we bring you something notably less moist than the Alien movies! It's a movie about art that kills you (and of course all the assholes in the art market who join in along the way). We've got bisexual Jake Gyllenhaal. We've got neurotic John Malkovich. We've got absolutely magic (and gay) Rene Russo! What more could you want? If you answer was murderous monkeys, well, somehow you're in luck. It's Velvet Buzzsaw time!

Topics of Discussion:

  • The magic of Gyllenhaal
  • Malkovich!
  • I built a railroad!
  • No you didn't you white son of a bitch!
  • Put your hand in me and see what happens!
  • Evil cat
  • Magic monkeys of the ghost gas station and other Goosebumps titles
  • Poor Coco
  • My respect for your work has evaporated
  • Always a critic, never a mourner
  • What's the point of art if it's never seen?

The Cell
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - "Dee Makes a Smut Film"
Memory & Dream
House of Leaves
The Fall
Donnie Darko

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