Episode 65: Starting Passion Projects and Dealing with Burnout with Tiffany Huang of Spill Stories


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Jessica Nguyen sits down with Tiffany Huang, the founder of Spill Stories, to talk about how she is able to foster personal growth passion projects. Stifled by the fast-paced Hong Kong lifestyle, Tiffany wanted to build a platform that allows for people (particularly womxn of color) to be unrestrained in the way that they speak and share their stories. Having to juggle both her day job and her passion project, she realized that sometimes one has to throw organization out the window and just start executing when you realize what it is that you want to do. With time and experience, Tiffany has learned that authentic stories come about when one does not overthink and simply makes their passion and intentions clear.

Delving into more how Tiffany was able to develop Spill Stories to be what it is today, she touches upon she has become aware of the cues that precede burning out, prompting her to check in and make sure that her basic life needs are met. They talk about the importance of self love and how it is easy for people to pour so much love and passion in their projects but not into themselves. Even if it means taking a day for yourself where you can calm down and do nothing, they discuss how one’s productivity should not be a determinant of one’s worth. Tiffany ends the podcast with golden nuggets that include advice on how to approach passion projects: “Be very crystal clear on what is your purpose.”

Spill Stories is a storytelling platform to unite womxn of color, tackling social issues told through deeply personal perspectives. Spill Stories focuses on delivering high quality content via Instagram, while also offering monthly writers workshops in Hong Kong / Seoul, and larger bespoke events for the community.

TIFFANY HUANG is a Taiwanese American living in Hong Kong. She is a marketer in the hospitality industry by day and a writer by night. In 2018, she founded Spill Stories, a storytelling platform to unite womxn of color. She finds herself often caught between two worlds -- one focused on commercial success, and the other focused on personal passion projects. The desire to close this gap is what drives her to wake up in the morning everyday, as challenging as the journey may be.

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Summary by Joanne Nguyen

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