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What it really looks like behind the scenes of a major launch.

Most entrepreneurs only want to show you their failures long after they have created continued success; it’s far less vulnerable and humbling this way.

You hear their stories of being broke, no one signing up for their programs, and having only 3 views on their videos…and now everything they touch turns to gold, and they have 6-figure months and million dollars launches.

I’ve been guilty of this too…when my podcast had under 5k downloads total, you didn’t hear me talking about it, as I was horrified and filled with self-doubt and shame. I kept going, but I also didn’t share my experience in real time.

Now that each episode of my show gets between 10-15k downloads…its must less vulnerable for me to share about the early days. And it still serves you, but not at the point where I know most of you need that validation and encouragement the most.

My latest launch, the first official class of my new Selling with Soul 5-week live group coaching program, just came to end on Feb. 2nd. It was a wild six-week

roller-coaster ride, and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

I wanted to document this launch for you while the emotions and info were fresh in real time, so you can finally see behind the curtains of what a big launch really looks like. Warning you, it’s not all Bali and butterflies.

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