How to Know when it’s time to Walk Away, Take the Risk, and Go ALL IN, with Guest, Jill Herman, Host of the “Be You” Podcast and Network Marketing Rebel EP292


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Saying “Goodbye” is never easy, at least not to anything we once cared about.

Like you, I’ve said “goodbye” to many people, places, things, jobs, habits, beliefs, behaviors, and that once perfectly ripe avocado that turned rotten in 2 hours (why does this happen?!!!).

Doing the damn thing is far easier than all of the anguish, stress, over-thinking, guilt, pressure, and shame we put ourselves through trying to decide if it’s the right thing to do, and if so, what is the right time and how do we do it? SO EXHAUSTING!

Be straight with me, have you ever really regretting saying “goodbye” to anything that was sucking the life out of you? Of course not, we only regret that didn’t do it sooner.

Some of you are in that exhausting “what should I do” spot right now, and today you are going to get clear on what you need to do.

Listen to this powerful story on today’s podcast about a successful network marketer, Jill Herman, who was forced to say goodbye to her highly profitable team she built while working full time as a nurse. Jill’s had many “goodbyes” in her life, from her career in nursing, to the husband of her children, to her identity of being a helper. Now, Jill is the host of the popular “Be You” podcast, and living her best Zero Fu*ks Given life!

You can connect with Jill on:

Be You Podcast: Listen to the Podcast

Facebook: @JillHermanPJF

INSTAGRAM: @JillHermanBeYou

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