Using the Law of Attraction and other Manifestation Practices to Attract Ideal Clients into your Business EP295


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At any given moment you’re either attracting or repelling what you desire.

This happens both consciously and subconsciously all damn daylong.

I spent a large portion of my life repelling, and had zero clue that I was the common denominator in why I wasn’t getting the promotion, the love, the awards, the cash, or the things I so deeply desired.

It wasn’t until my bank account hit 7 figures by 30th birthday (a goal of mine), and I finally felt like all of this manifestation stuff was working in my favor. Until, I lost almost all of it 3 short months later. This shocking devastation was a blessing; it woke up me out of denial, and humbled me enough to where I was willing to look at my role in all of it.

When I told my Spiritual Manifestation Coach Tony, he said calmly, “this is wonderful news….now you’re ready to go deeper.” WTF I was pissed!!! It was like he knew all along that something of this magnitude was coming my way to wake my ass up.

I later learned, he was woken up in an even more devastating way, by losing his house, cars, cash, and had to borrow money from his son to get an apartment. Pretty quickly, I stopped my pity-party and felt grateful that my abundance wake up call was mild in comparison.

The first thing required to become a super attractor, is a giant dose of humility.

You have to be in enough pain and discomfort with your current life circumstances that you are willing to learn and embrace a new way of thinking, being, and behaving. This won’t happen if you are comfortable “enough.”

If you are willing to learn, I’m willing to guide you to learn how to call in what you want for your dream business. Start by listening to this podcast episode, and be prepared for a new way of believing.

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