PROPERTY SHOWCASE: Investor struggles and how to overcome them


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Pure Property Investment

Pure Property Investment is an outcome-driven property company that delivers strong results and simplicity to investors looking to purchase property. The business’s degree of research, strong industry relationships and distinct negotiation skills are what separate them from the crowd.

In this episode of Property Showcase, founder and director Paul Glossop joins host Tom Gilmore to talk through investor struggles in a low-supply, high-demand market.

In this episode, hear from Paul about:

  • Investor struggles and how to overcome them
  • What to do when priced out of the market
  • When is the best time to rethink your strategy

Investors Dream

Before founding Investors Dream, Sanjeev Sah was a well-established IT consultant with one of the world’s leading IT consulting firms.

During his career, Sanjeev realised he wanted to spend more time with his family. He knew that property investment could help him achieve this, giving him the financial freedom to have more options in life.

As a big believer in self-improvement, Sanjeev decided to learn all he could about property investment in Australia. Now, Sanjeev uses his experience to help others achieve their goal of financial independence.

In this episode of Property Showcase, director of Investors Dream Sanjeev Sah joins host Tom Gilmore to discuss predictions versus actions.

In this episode, hear from Sanjeev about:

  • How to consider investing as a business
  • How to overcome missed opportunities

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