Life Lessons from a Neurologist


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Erkeda DeRouen talks to Dr. Puja Aggarwal, a board-certified neurologist and epileptologist. In this episode, Dr. Aggarwal shares her journey to doing a combined program in medical school and how life coaching can help medical students.

  • [00:26] Dr. Aggarwal’s Journey to Medicine
  • [03:46] Tips for Doing a Combined Program
  • [06:13] What Inspired Dr. Aggarwal to Enter Neurology and Epilepsy Medicine
  • [08:22] Reshaping Your Career
  • [10:12] How Life Coaching Can Help Medical Students
  • [11:59] Transition Back to In-Person Care During the Pandemic
  • [13:05] How Dr. Aggarwal Practices Work-Life Balance
  • [15:55] Dr. Aggarwal’s Advice for Listeners

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