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What does President George Washington have in common with the Buddha, Sakyamuni? Author and teacher, Robert Sachs, brings together the lessons and teachings of these two great men; one an exemplary political figure, the other, the founder of one of the world’s great wisdom traditions. The result is a guidebook to study, carry with you, and apply to cultivate healthy, intelligent, and communication and action inspired by and rooted in civility.

Robert Sachs received his B.A. in comparative religion and sociology at the University of Lancaster and then moved to London, where he studied Macrobiotics with Michio Kushi and Rex Lassalle at the Kushi Institute and hatha yoga under the guidance of Jonathan O’Dell and Johanna Auld whilst also being trained as a mental health counselor with the Richmond Fellowship. Of particular interest to Robert since the late seventies has been the practical preventive health care aspects of Tibetan medicine, which he studied under the guidance of Dr. Lobsang Rapgay. Robert also focused on the healing meditations of Tibetan Buddhism, including those practices that prepare one for the time of death under Ven. Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, Lama Ole Nydahl, and other Buddhist masters. Currently, Robert continues to study under the guidance of Tibetan Buddhist master, Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche.

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