February 2021 Journal Club: Bilateral Stacked Free Flap Breast Reconstruction


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In this episode of the Award-winning PRS Journal Club Podcast, 2021 Resident Ambassadors to the PRS Editorial Board – Saïd Azoury, Lindsay Janes, and Ara Salibian- and special guest Jamie P. Levine, MD, discuss the following articles from the February 2021 issue:

“Consecutive bilateral breast reconstruction using stacked abdominally-based and posterior thigh free flaps” by Suszynski, Haddock, and Teotia.

Read the article for FREE: http://bit.ly/StackedBreastRecon

Special Guest Jamie P. Levine is an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery and the Chief of Microsurgery at the Hansjorg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

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