Super League is the Worst Good Idea in Sports History


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This week might have been the most chaotic since news broke in 2017 that Neymar Jr. was leaving FC Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain.

On this episode of PSG Talking, I'm joined by Matt Gooding and Marc Damon to discuss the rise and fall of the European Super League and look ahead to PSG's upcoming UEFA Champions League tie against Manchester City.

We begin the show with the Super League and the owners of the 12 clubs who decided to break off and start their own European competition before realizing fans would be upset and backed out. With many of the teams in dire financial situations, should fans feel some level of sympathy or does it simply come down to poor money management?

With the Super League's website still live as of the publication of this podcast, we wonder whether or not the league is truly dead or if it will be revived at some point. Can an American-style competition ever truly work in European football?

Next, we look ahead to the match against Manchester City at the Parc des Princes and give our prediction. What starting lineup will Mauricio Pochettino go with and will he surprise fans by starting the very much in-form Mauro Icardi? I also share my conspiracy theory that UEFA will go out of their way to help PSG win the Champions League as they're the only team left that didn't decide to blow up the entire tournament.

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