PlayStation XP Ep. 79 - Nah Sony what is you doin?


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This week the XP crew delves into the rumored Last of Us Remake and the Jason Schrier article, we answer a ton of questions (most of which are about TLOU remake) and cover a bit of other news such as a 700 transforming Optimus Prime. This is the PlayStation Experience. Consider supporting the show at Visit our discord at Much thanks to our wonderful Patreon Producers - Delvin Cox, Hayley Nicole Miller, Justin Pickerd, Kyle Richards, LoboRican, Nick Metzger, Ryan Craig, Skinny Matt, Tony Harris, Michael Masek, Barry Cathcart, Edwin Calo, Steven Keller, Nick Creature, Rudedays93, Ben Moxham, Rob Emanuel, Nick Faulhaber, Paul Callicoat, Kyle Haiman, Grrouchie Serge, , Devin Tyus, Josh Borbone, HorseGirl69 and RJ Kern!

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